I’m going to keep things interesting as we continue to populate our new website, and I thought it would be fun to dig out some pictures from September 2005 (taken expertly by Mr Iain Baillie). Some of the present day Pin Ups chaps are but a twinkle in our eye, and others look younger (except Iain OC, who looks exactly the same , minus the beard). 

Our live band were the superb Smiths tribute The Smyths, and we were amazed when Smiths, Morrissey, Blur & Kaiser Chiefs producer Stephen Street responded to a very speculative email offering him a  Guest DJ slot.  (If memory serves me correctly, Iain OC had bumped into NME scribe Johnny Cigarettes (now Johnny Sharp) on a night out in Camden, and afterwards Johnny had kindly passed on Mr Street’s details!)   Stephen was a really nice guy and only accepted a nominal fee – he just thought it would be fun to come and play records in Glasgow.

This was our 2nd night at the Woodside Social Club, and here’s what I had to say in the immediate aftermath – note all the heat-related jokes – the heat at the Woody was a problem which would never be solved. (It’s good fun reading this actually, as I had completely forgotten until now that the night involved the first ever public airing, anywhere, of Graham Coxon’s sensational Freakin’ Out, which would become an indie disco staple across the UK throughout 2006!)

Well, here we are, a few weeks after what was quite possibly the most rowdiest and mental Pin Ups yet. The Smyths whipped the crowd into a frenzy, relentlessly crashing through Smiths and solo Morrissey winners under the watchful eye of Mr Stephen Street (who had never before heard a Smiths tribute band). By 10.30pm the Woodside was already almost unbearably warm. Indeed, the Smyths were so good that people were coming in through the door asking when the band was due to start – only to realise they were already playing!! After the gig there was no respite for the increasingly hot and bothered faithful, as Stephen opened with “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before”, and proceeded to carpet the dancefloor with Bomb upon Big Tune Bomb. By 1am I was happily frying eggs on The Smyths drumkit whilst wringing my shirt out into pint glasses, and still Stephen Street cranked up the temperature with a world premiere play of Graham Coxon’s new single, a host of northern soul classics, “I predict a riot”, and “Once in a Lifetime”. By the time “Girls and Boys” came on as the final song of the night I thought I had died and gone to heaven – not just becaue one of my favourite songs was playing, but also because I was literally almost dead of heat exhaustion. All in all it was an utterly splendid night, many many thanks to all who came along.

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  • Iain O'C

    Believe it or not, the real story behind getting Stephen Streets details drops even more names than the version above. What actually happened was following a Wednesday night Suede gig, Graeme and I headed for the Garage (shut it, it was 2002!). In there we were shocked and surprised to see Suggs cutting about byt the bar. We had a quick chat with Suggs (who claimed he was looking for his grandpa?!) and then made our way into the main room and upstairs at the back where there seemed to be a gathering of people. Turned out Tenacious D were upstairs following a gig earlier that night! Surprisingly, aside from Jack Black and the band, hardly anyone else was up there. One of the people who was though was Johnny Cigarettes, we got chatting and he passed on his email address. Suggs hadn;t been part of the Tenacious D party and JC was surprised to hear he was in and even took a notepad out his pocket and wrote ‘Suggs’ on it to remind himself in the morning. Later that night we came across Suggs again in the noodle bar where he was hauled up by the staff for sitting throwing prawn crackers about. 3 years later, I emailed Johnny Cigarettes looking for Stephen Streets contact details and he kindly supplied them! A good story and 100% true no matter how hard it might be to believe.

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