This one was a really enjoyable night, one of those evenings where we all remember why we do Pin Ups in the first place.  It was superb to see so many people in costume.  A personal highlight was seeing James “Butcher” Cassidy, dressed in costume as “Big Suited” David Byrne, playing Psycho Killer around 2.30am.  I picked up Carl Barat and Didz Hammond from the airport, and I thought Didz was speaking “prison slang” when he asked Carl for Florence and the Machine’s number so that they could “share gear in the studio” (watching Jools Holland’s Later: Live a few days later cleared it up – Didz was playing guitar for Brett Anderson, and Florence and her band were also on the programme).

Some of the snaps were taken by our sponsor Agwa’s professional photographer (hence the Agwa branding).  Also enjoy the very commendable handiwork of Mr Simon Stanley and Ms Lynsay Campbell,and also some “backstage” shots of Carl, Didz, Paul Smith, Laura and Niall loitering about the store room of the Flying Duck! 

 Here’s what we had to say about why you should come along to Frights ’11 (there was a guy dressed as Amy Winehouse -he didn’t shave off his beard – my personal faves were The Statue Of Liberty, Jedward Scissorhands, Goldie Lookin Chain and JFK & Jackie O):

“Carl Barat was the co-frontman of The Libertines, now widely acknowledged as being the best guitar band of the noughties, and with the Libertines having soundtracked many a Pin Ups party in the past it’s going to be amazing to have Carl himself in the room picking the tunes and looking all handsome. Carl’s Dirty Pretty Things collaborator Didz is joining him on his trip to Glasgow, and as if that wasn’t enough startling star-power we will also be welcoming long-term pals of Pin Ups Scott and Adele from Sons and Daughters to Guest DJ following their live show at the ABC.

Pin Up Frights is now firmly established as our annual Halloween spooktacular and if you fancy dressing up this October then this is definitely the party to come to. Last year “Lady Avatar”, “Mr Motivator”, and “The girl covered in fairy lights” and all won cash prizes for their quite astonishing costumes which flaunted health, safety and common decency, and this year we are looking forward to similarly inspired ensembles. Approximating the polo-neck chic of former Apple supremo Steve Jobs will be taking a few folks’ fancy, and, given Carl’s involvement, rocking up as his old chums Pete Doherty or Amy Winehouse will also be tempting propositions. Mind you, since Amy was Carl and Pete’s pal, the person who tweeted “Cant wait for PinUp Frights with Carl Barat DJING i am going as Zombie Winehouse” might want to reconsider….

We have been boasting that “there’s so much going on at Pin Up Frights it’s scary” and this year even the door price is going to give a few people a fright. In order to balance the books it will be 8 quid, so if being asked for 8 quid is likely to make you act like we’ve shot you in the face with a spud gun then we urge you to buy tickets in advance for the bargain price of £6.

Of course our guest DJs aren’t the only terrifying action we’ve got up our sleeves for Frights. Playing live before midnight we’ve got the fantastic Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 ( The band are planning to film their gig for an upcoming video and have already announced they’ll be dressing up for the occasion as their favourite ‘dead gay icons’ and getting right into the ‘spirit’ of Pin Up Frights…

Also playing live is another band who we’re really happy to welcome back to Pin Ups. Skinny Villains ( are always good value and big fans of Carl Barat. Described by The List as “unpredictable and lively showmanship” expect more of the same on 28th. “

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