At the time The Circus was the busiest party we had ever organised with about 440 folk through the door.  The closest we got to a complaint all night was when 2 guys left saying “there’s just too much going on in there”. We had a magician, a juggler, a mini coconut shy, Ringmaster Paul Puppet and Naboo from the Mighty Boosh (Mike Fielding). We also had a zoo with a live “gorilla” who then escaped at about 1.30am, roaming the club to the strains of Tarzan Boy. What a night! Thankfully the pictures are pretty excellent, plus the action was captured for posterity in the video for our headline act Sonny Marvello’s Easy Boys.

Here’s what we had to say before the night:

“Ladieeeeees and Gentlemen. Roll Up! Roll Up! The Circus is in town!

Yes you lucky scallywags, its time to roll yourself up indeed and make haste to The Big Top! For one night only, Pin Up Nights is transforming into a good old fashioned circus!

Marvel! – At the line up of terrific live bands – Pooch, Sonny Marvello, Mitchell Museum and “Quick, Run”!

Delight! – In seeing The Flying Duck transformed into an actual circus Big Top!

Wonder! – At the antics of Ringmaster Paul Puppet, and the feats performed before your very eyes by the Pin Ups Circus performers!

Dance! – Till 3am to the usual fantastic mix of tunes you’d expect from Glasgow’s best and longest running indie night!

Gape! – At celebrity guest DJ Naboo from The Mighty Boosh!

Goggle! – At the “NABOOTIQUE” stalls run by members of the Glasgow Craft Mafia (including Pistol Whip Vintage, We Are The Robots and more) and our Funfair games!

And Gaze! – Longingly! – At dishy Pin Ups DJ James “Butcher” Cassidy!

Mindboggling stuff I’m sure you’ll agree! That’s not all too as we are planning a few more surprises if we can pull it off, including even a dramatic GORILLA!! If you fancy dressing up and entering the circus spirit then knock yourself out (not literally I mean, just feel free to dress up!)

ps we were originally going to write this invite in the style of a mocking run-down of the other events that are happening on Friday 25th September (there’s quite a lot of tacky Freshers Week things), but we decided that there was so much Circus chat to get though that we didn’t have room and it would get too confusing. A shame as I already had ideas noted down such as“Experiment with your sexuality at Karbon as you party hard with Duncan from Blue”, “Fear for 87 year old DJ Phil’s life as he attempts his Mick Jagger dance at Strathclyde Union’s TFI Friday”, etc etc”

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