Club nights being the chaotic things they are, I’m not entirely sure what our busiest ever night has been, but this must be in the top 3.

I drove the Devendorf brothers up to Pin Ups following the National’s amazing gig at the Glasgow o2 Academy through a crazy snowstorm, and was met with the horror sight of a load of people resolutely queuing in a blizzard outside an already sold-out Flying Duck.  The fearsome conditions were reported in the NME, in an article by Laura Snapes documenting the National’s UK tour: “Straight after the show, it’s Tom Berninger’s birthday, and after the serenade, everyone’s off to the Flying Duck for Bryan and Scott’s DJ set. That is, until we set foot outside into an almost cartoon intense blizzard, and the three-fifths of the band not DJing sensibly retire to the bus. NME slips off to the bar with trombonist Ben, and Justin, the artist responsible for the backdrop video projections, to dance the night away to the Devendorf brothers’ extensive collection of New Order…”

(I think the prevalence of New Order was because I mentioned to Bryan in the car that “True Faith” had almost blew the roof off at the end of their previous visit to Pin Ups in 2007.)

Tour photographer Kristian Yeoman also described the conditions thus: “After the show, we fought our way through the snow blizzards to head to The Flying Duck on Renfield Street where Scott and Bryan Devendorf were performing a DJ set – was great to be back in Glasgow again where everyone just seems to appreciate their music much more”.

A fantastic night, and I think everybody queuing outside did eventually get in.  It was so hot inside the Duck we all thawed pretty quick.  Here’s what I had to say about the night beforehand (I’m not sure if the For Abel guys got to discuss name changes with the Devendorfs or not):

Our 7th birthday party is on Friday 26th November. 7 years of Pin Ups! We will be welcoming back Guest DJs of November 2007 Scott and Bryan Devendorf of The National, who will appear following The National’s already sold-out show at the O2 Academy. In November 2007 the Devendorf Bros were looking forward to their DJ set so much they announced it from the stage of the ABC, brought the whole band along to Pin Ups, and we ended up having to turn folk away! We are expecting similar scenes this time, and will have the venue decorated in a nice birthday style in anticipation with balloons and banners.

Our live bands are the splendid For Abel ( ), who have played Pin Ups a couple of times in their previous incarnation as Nacional. Why did For Abel change their name? Well, I kid you not, earlier this year they received a letter from the management of none other than….The National! We are looking forward to introducing the bands to each other! Supporting For Abel will be Skinny Villains ( ) and Strawberry Ocean Sea ( ), another band who have played Pin Ups under a previous name.

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