Pin Ups Pirates could have been a bit ropey, but looking back at the photos helps you rum-ember that it was excellent.  It was another one of our nights that was subject to relentless ripping off in the months afterwards with a couple of trendy London clubs suddenly running Nautical Nights and Pirate Parties in the spring of 2011 and copying a LOT of our chat.

We had been trying to get Paul Thomson of Franz Ferdinand to DJ for us for ages (Pirates was originally intended for Ryan Jarman of The Cribs, but when he pulled out we then sat on it until Mr Thomson signed up – we knew he’d be perfect) and Paul was a great sport, appearing in what he described as a “cabin boy” ensemble.  Similarly, for literally years we had wanted Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers to play live, so it was great getting them on the bill too.

The night involved a Treasure Hunt involving a map of the Flying Duck, passwords from staff and Paul Thomson himself, and a cash prize (the winner was Ms R Davies of Hotwire fame).  There were also prizes for the best pirates, which I think were won by the chaps who attended as the Somali variant.  I think Captain Barney(cle) of the Flying Duck talked us out of filling the entire back bar with sand, which with hindsight was very wise.  A look at iTunes shows me we had a good laugh with the music – Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum, French Navy, Shiver me Timbers, A Pair Of Brown Eyes, The Anchor Song and Professor Booty all saw action.  Here’s what we had to say before the party:

“Manning the poop decks will be Captain Paul Thomson, the tattoo’d picaroon of Franz Ferdinand. Paul will be joined by a motley crew of Pin Ups DJs, who will be swilling rum and playing a heady mix of shanties to keep you dancing all night long!

We’ll be flying the Jolly Roger above the Flying Duck from 9pm and it’ll be ‘all hands ahoy’ to catch a fine booty of live bands in the Hold. Ace City Racers ( ) are a band of ne’er do well Glasgow scallywags, already produced and endorsed by none other than the legendary Smiths and Blur producer (and former Pin Up Nights Guest DJ) Stephen Street! Also appearing on the hearty bill are the cutlass swinging men-o-war The Plimptons ( These be Pin Ups faves for years and will put on a show that’ll have ye swingin’ from the crows nest! Our headlining act aboard the good ship for t’ evening will be none other than Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers (! Jacob Lovatt be one of the most engaging frontmen ye will ever see (imagine thar offspring of Joe Strummer and Tom Waits), so be sure to watch thee old salt in action and ye won’t be disappointed!”

share save 171 16 Pin Up Nights: Pirates   Friday 28th January 2011   Guest DJ Paul Thomson (Franz Ferdinand), The Plimptons, Ace City Racers, Jacob Yates

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